If you’ve been scouring the globe and internet in search of the world’s best ice cream then: Congratulations! You’ve Made It!…and if you landed here completely on accident, without a single conscious thought about small batch premium ice cream that’s generously offered in wildly unique flavors, then maybe (Maybe) this is the universe’s way of telling you that you Should Have Been??? Don’t laugh, life has a way of guiding you exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there, and fortunately for you, we tripled your odds of success by having THREE locations to dock your spacecraft. That’s right, we have ice cream parlors in San Marcos, New Braunfels, and Gruene, each housed in their own distinctive gem of a location and all serving our fantastically homemade waffle cones, cookies, brownies, and of course, an uncommon offering of noteworthy ice cream.

Hey, speaking of our ice cream, you’re probably saying to yourself: Sure, it might be the best ice cream in the Texas Hill Country, but is it really the best ice cream in the world?! Well, that’s a great question and thanks for asking! You hear a lotta people talking about how it’s a small world out there - but - we checked the map and it’s actually Unbelievably Huge. Which means there’s gotta be a ridiculously overwhelming number of ice cream shops out there. Now make no mistake, we’re confident enough to toss our hat in the ring with any of em, but we’ll reel in the hubris a bit and stop just short of making that claim. But what we can say is that we have the best intentions to make our best effort to offer the best ice cream you’ve ever eaten in one of our best locations (sorry, we can’t pick a favorite, we love them all…and so will you!)

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