Lindsey Belk

Rhea's Ice Cream

Hip Hip Her-Rheas!!! Our founder, Rhea Ortamond opened Rhea’s Ice Cream Parlor in the winter of 2009 with a serious passion for homemade ice cream. Over the next five and a half years, she perfected dozens of original flavors that became the ice cream foundation for our delightful menu. In June of 2015 Rhea moved to Chicago to follow her heart and instead of closing her doors opted to sell the parlor to The TapRoot Restaurant Collective and Owner/Operator, Lindsey Belk. After months of rigorous training, the secret recipes were passed down and her unique ice cream legacy continues with the expansion of two more locations in New Braunfels and Gruene. The enthusiasm and and passion to create the best ice cream in the world combined with our coveted ice cream recipes (winner of “Best in Hays” for countless years), makes Rhea’s one of TapRoot’s favorite brands and the only place to grab a snack on those hot summer days.